// [M][E][M][E]

+ [M][E][M][E] - pavilion concept visual [CTW 2010]
In collaboration with the Manchester Museum, a competition was established within the MSA which stipulated a requirement for the design of an ‘evolutionary environment’, as part of the museum’s 'Darwin Festival', for an external space situated within the courtyard at the main entrance to the Museum. The competition was open to two of MSA's leading BArch studio groups - the computational-based [Re-Map]2000, directed by Nick Dunn and Richard Brook, and the fabrication-based Prototype, lead by Nick Tyson and Ming Chung.

My competition entry [M][E][M][E], [Manchester Evolutionary Museum Environment], was based upon a Voronoi mathematical model being used to subdivide a volume in a manner that permitted the reconfiguration of the structure in many different arrangements. The pavilion would visually be an abstract representation of an evolutionary trajectory, whilst simultaneously provided a landscape with which the user could interact with. The fact that the pavilion could exist as a cave-like structure and also a landscape could provide the museum with a highly flexible pavilion.

+ [M][E][M][E] - interior concept visual [CTW 2010]
The concept work was developed through a mixture of precedent study, and digital modelling. Using 3D modelling software, the concept was realised and tested. This enabled a steady pace of design development to be maintained, and also documented at each stage. I was unsuccessful in securing one of the five shortlisted entries for the second stage of the competition, however I did gain experience in computational design methodologies.

+ [M][E][M][E] - context visual [CTW 2010]